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In this age, it has become a norm to make or receive lots of calls on a daily basis. Most of these calls can arise from people or companies trying to reach out to a client, or from family and friends.

Some of these calls may be unwanted calls or spam, and you won’t know it until you pick. To know who is calling you, True Software Scandinavia AB created an app called Truecaller. This app helps to identify who is calling you, block unwanted calls, and much more.

Truecaller is an app for phone devices that shows you who is calling even if the number is not registered in your phonebook. It gives you the option of blocking unwanted calls and knowing the relevant calls that come into your phone.

Truecaller also helps the user to search for public listed phone numbers available in over 25 countries including the United States and Canada.

Features of TrueCaller App

The Truecaller App has 2 basic features which include;

This feature on true caller identifies numbers that have been identified as spam by other users. The records are saved in TrueCaller database and when a call comes in, truecaller will notify you the name of the caller and also shows you if its a spam call. Mere seeing this, you can ignore any unwanted calls and also know the person who is calling you even if it is not saved in your phonebook.

You can use the search feature to look up a name in truecaller by searching for a known number. If the number has been identified by a truecaller user and it has a name, the result will be displayed to you. After getting the contact info, you can save the contact to your phonebook.

Other features of the truecaller app include.

In summary, Truecaller app is quite efficient and good in identifying callers profile even when it is not registered in your phone address book. The app has essential features for blocking unwanted calls and getting full user profile.

Truecaller app is available for the android devices and iOS devices. You can get the android app from the

and the iOS app on the .

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