Twitter to Buy Indian Startup ZipDial : Eyeing People without Smartphone

And the confirmed news from Twitter says that they are all set to acquire a startup based in India named ZipDial. The financial deal is not yet disclosed, but the acquisition has been confirmed by Twitter officials in India.zipdial twitter indian startup

ZipDial is a mobile marketing startup which operates from Bangalore. They are well known for their missed call marketing strategy which has been a proved success mantra. The concept is almost similar to collect call and tries to make full use of the fact that people in our country does often dial a number and hang up before the receiver picks it up.

ZipDial allows consumers to dial a number of company and place an intentional missed call. After this, the company can send SMS and advertisement messages to them allowing users to make use of service without any charge incurred.

Founded in 2010, ZipDial and Twitter India official seems to be very happy with the deal and claims that this would be a fruitful deal for both of them.

ZipDial have started anticipated a better future with Twitter and they said that they will continue up on the task of building and maximizing the existing ZipDial platform and have a good opportunity to elevate themselves.

The Deal ensures We can Reach Every Indian with a Mobile Device said Mr Rishi Jaitly (Market Director Twitter India).

It will be interesting to see how ZipDial fits into the plans of Twitter to reach anyone and everyone with a mobile phone.

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