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Original Travel Charger Plugs into the wall – Keep an additional battery charger helpful at home or in the workplace. Boosted internal circuitry to handle charging status and avoid over- and under-charging. Compact size make it easier to save or pack for traveling. Cord extends so you can talk on the phone while it’s plugged in. – Factory initial 100-240 Volt DC Battery Wall Charger. – Safely charge your phone utilizing the initial authentic brand! – Making use of the authentic OEM brand will ensure your phones service warranty is never voided! – Use of this official battery charger will certainly prolong your batteries life compare with others! It also works with other brand mobile phone that use the same plug. – Compatible with: Verizon LG Octane – LG Transformation – LG Versa VX9600 – NEW

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Abco Tech Cellular phone Stand

It’s time to see your Phone text, Buddies and Family status updates etc. without being interrupted by

getting your phone and re-position each time you get that buzz or ding! Abco Tech Cellular phone stand or

cellular phone Clamp is a definite need to have for your comfort and convenience. Use it in your bed, couch, while

relaxing. Or in the workplace while you work, sitting, laying, or standing in any position and occasion. use it

around your neck repair it to your rod, hook, desk foot and so on … this product will be so useful. You do not need

to be sidetracked by checking your phone however you still have to be updated, so let me assist you with that.

This utmost versatile phone stand by Abco Tech makes your method of photo-taking easier than ever. You can hold it

as a self-shooting tool or wear it on your neck, it’s all as much as you on how to use it. Excellent to make use of for selfie shooting!


– Phone clamp opens to 3.34 inches large

– Bottom clip opens to 1.96 inches large

– Flexible neck is around 37 inches long and 5/8inches wide

– Made from ABS plastic


Item Color: Black

Product Size: 5.5 x 4.3 x 2.7 inch

Item Weight: 0.29 Ounces

Plan Weight: 0.33 Ounces

The cellular phone nestles is a safe and safe smartphone install for bikes.

A wise method to mount for a ride

It enables you to keep your phone or other hand-held gadget where you can look at it if you need to, without taking your interest from your trail.



Screen Protector Kit by NuPro Designed to fit your iPhone 6 Plus, the screen protector kit offers protection from scratches, spots and dirt. Kit includes three screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card for a simple bubble-resistant intallation.

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Screen Protector Kit by NuPro Designed to fit your iPhone 6 Plus, the screen protector kit supplies defense from scratches, spots and dirt. Kit includes 3 screen protectors, cleaning cloth and applicator card for a simple bubble-resistant intallation.

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Are you concerned about your phone being an interruption while you lag the wheel?

Would you like to utilize your smartphone without risking your security?

Cell Phone Holder for Car Windscreen

Improve Your Safety and Driving Experience Now!

WizGear Universal Air Vent Magnetic Automobile Mount Holder Black

Setting your phone on an install in your vehicle has actually never been simpler! WizGear Air Vent Automobile Mount for smartphones saves you the trouble of positioning your smartphone firmly to make sure it doesn’t fall just press it in the air vent! The WizGear Air Vent Mount features a magnetic technology, meanings that your smartphone will be secure and have no chance of falling. When a phone is protected in place, it becomes simpler to use for GPS navigation too.


1) This magnetic car install for mobile phone is not large or area consuming at all. You no longer have to be enough for keeping your phone in the cup holder or dashboard, since a regular car install gets in the way. This magnetic automobile install inserts into the Air Vent, thus not blocking your windscreen.



Universal Cell Phone Holder Lazy Bracket


This Universal Mobile phone Clip Holder Stand have Flexible Long Arms, can be clipped onto any desk, bed headboard, chair, wall cabinet, Satisfy your needs whatever you are at house or on the go, Allows you to enjoy your phone anywhere.

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