Use Twitter to Improve Your Writing Skills

If you are a writer you may find it difficult to keep yourself within the one hundred and forty characters that are allowed on Twitter.  But if you embrace this structure, it can actually make you a better writer for many reasons.  Writing today is more than just watching punctuation and grammar along with spelling issues.

On Twitter you have to use shortcuts in order to make any type of statement and you are not tied to regular writing rules.  This type of writing can be challenging but it can also be a learning experience for writers.  Below are ways that writers can use Twitter to improve their writing skills.

Helps You Gain Focus

When writing, editing yourself can be the hardest thing to do because writers tend to want to put as many words in the articles as possible.  Your content needs to contain pertinent information but what you leave out is just as vital.  You constantly have to ask yourself if the information you are adding is vital to the thesis of the article.

When you are on Twitter you have to work harder to edit yourself so you pay more attention to what you are writing and what can be left out.  You can take this tactic to your article writing to help you learn how to produce better content.

Raises Your Observation Skills

When you are tweeting you don’t want to write about how your sunny side up eggs were cooked to perfection but mundane topics are boring.  You have to be more observant to what is happening around you in order to have quality tweets.

Paying attention to current events and what is going on around the world makes you a well rounded writer.  It is also vital to stay in touch with the current trends in the niche that you are writing about so this applies here too.  Twitter makes writers more observant and this can switch over to your article marketing and blog posts because you are more in tune with trends and current events.

Completing Thoughts

You really don’t have a choice about finishing your thoughts on Twitter when you are sending a tweet.  You have to finish your thought because you only have once chance to get everything in and most people won’t look at a second tweet if you run over.

This translates to writing because many times writers have a hard time with their conclusions and actually end their article without finishing the thought of the thesis.  Twitter gives writers the tools to learn how to complete a thought without leaving readers wondering.

Writers everywhere can use Twitter to help their writing skills and can actually make them better at their craft.  They have to learn to get the point quickly and need to stay on top of current events and what’s new in their niche.  Some writers may buy Twitter followers online but this doesn’t mean that they do not have need to have proper writing techniques.

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