Visa IPO, Precious Metals Retreating

Visa IPO, Precious Metals Retreating

Visa recently had the largest (dollar amount) IPO in Wall Street history providing many of the underwriting banks much needed boost in earnings for the quarter. Maybe even for the year.

This IPO, lower interest rates from the Fed, and some people thinking the price of most precious metals is way too high, like gold and silver, makes for a tough market on silver. In one week the price of silver went down nearly 4 dollars a troy ounce. You knew it had to happen sooner or later, the price was just escalating to rapidly.

So what does that mean for your investment strategy? Should you get out too? Well if you bought at $21, I might have to suggest sticking it out, (although don’t take my investment advice, I beg you). But with the recent sell off, and inflation not being helped by lower interest rates (at least I think that’s how it goes) you may see the price of silver climb again.

But don’t bet the house on it, only as much as you can loose.

Silver will explode in value, much , much higher than $50.00 in 1980. 2008. we simply have run out of silver, very little is being mined. The forces are all there for a huge rise in the value of the shiny white metel. $85.00-100.00 oh yes..soon.

Interesting perspective. I haven’t heard that very little silver is being mined. I can definitely see that demand on silver, with developing nations, will drive the prices higher, especially if mining silver has slowed down.

I’d be interested in finding out what the mining rates are over the past 20 years and the projected rates.


more silver is used in a year than is mined, and all of the silver that was stored above ground is almost out. this process where more silver is used than mined has been going on for the last 16 years, and we ve had to use the above ground supply to make up for the rest. we re not necessarily running out of silver because we will most likely always find silver in the earth, but finding it and taking it out fast enough is the big problem; therefore, the silver shortage. the decline in the dollar helps out as well


Stop Stop Stop!!!!! If the price of silver was going to rise why hasn’t it? So far all the predictions have gone out the window. So shut the hell up you fools! Also I am pissed that dealers do not follow the market and consumer still pays the price. What is the matter with everyone out in silver world? stop trying to ignore the market. Just because most of the investors and dealers fell into the trap of predicting and loss their ass doesn’t mean they can ignore the market trends. I hope these people loose everything and file bankruptcy!!!!!


I bought several thousand ounces of silver at $10.22 not too long ago.

Just sold it for $15.50/oz.

What is not to love about silver?


Silver and Gold no matter how you slice it are the best investments you can make in today’s economy. Take hold of it in the physical form now and you will be glad you did later.

[…] expansion everywhere in the world, the need for silver in industrial processes, and comments like these comments on blog silver how can there be a retreat in prices. There may be a dip but probably not a retreat.

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