Visa – Silver Investing

Visa recently had the largest (dollar amount) IPO in Wall Street history providing many of the underwriting banks much needed boost in earnings for the quarter. Maybe even for the year.

This IPO, lower interest rates from the Fed, and some people thinking the price of most precious metals is way too high, like gold and silver, makes for a tough market on silver. In one week the price of silver went down nearly 4 dollars a troy ounce. You knew it had to happen sooner or later, the price was just escalating to rapidly.

So what does that mean for your investment strategy? Should you get out too? Well if you bought at $21, I might have to suggest sticking it out, (although don’t take my investment advice, I beg you). But with the recent sell off, and inflation not being helped by lower interest rates (at least I think that’s how it goes) you may see the price of silver climb again.

But don’t bet the house on it, only as much as you can loose.

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