How ‘Walking Dead’ can solve your biggest Sales problem?

We have been around in an era where TV series are the most talked about topics in Weddings, Parties and surprisingly even on Client Calls. So let us relate one of the popular TV series with our sales problems. The Walking Dead had a viewership of 15.8 million audiences for the Season Finale.

The numbers actually make us realize the popularity it has gained over the years and the importance the people all around the globe are giving to TV series.  The amount of money involved in the making and marketing of The Walking Dead is huge and so is the revenue that they earn.

People mainly watch the TV series for the thrill that is created in each episode. But if you watch it closely The Walking Dead teaches us a lot of lessons that we would have never noticed before.

To simplify it, I have mapped the problems and solutions that we see in The Walking Dead to those executives like me come across in Sales and Business Development.

Always Double Check your Emails and Research
check email all the time

Throughout the series, you will find people who forget that there are zombies walking around them and due to this careless attitude they lose their lives. I know this is not going to happen with you. But one small mistake can lead to the loss of credibility.

We often tend to send emails to the wrong recipients. We forget to hit the reply all button and send the mail to a single member. We hit the reply all button for emails intended for a single person. We often forget to add attachments in the mail. And there are times when we miss uploading attachments. For all these blunders, we have Gmail to the rescue. We tend to make spelling and grammer mistakes like I did in this sentence. (*grammatical). So always double check your emails before sending.

Use Basic Tools for Increased Accuracy

use spell checkSimple tools are often the most useful ones. The best fighters in the series, Michonne and Darryl use the simplest of weapons to fight against enemies. This depicts that it’s not about the weapon in the fight, it’s about the fight in the user. Similarly, the simplest spell-checker tools can save you a lot of embarrassment. A simple task scheduler can remind you about meetings. Basically, the simplest of tools can save you a lot of time. So, start using them!

Manage your Stress

In the fourth season, Rick was unable to manage his stress due to which he starts seeing his dead wife. He keeps hearing his wife call out to him. Sales is the most important part of a business and your company would definitely suffer if you underperform due to stress. Not only the company, your frayed nerves could also affect the efficiency of other teams, spreading needless negativity.

In order to be able to avoid these situations, it is IMPORTANT that you should learn to deal with stress. Dedicated time towards social life, hobbies and family are sure fire ways to soothe frayed nerves.

Find happiness in the Small Things.

celebrate the small successYou must have seen that when Carl is on a food hunt, he gets ecstatic seeing small packets of chocolates or cookies. Similarly, you should always be happy making small sales. While these might not instantly add to your revenues it will serve as a stepping stone towards the ambitious sales.

Keep Learning new skills:

In The Walking Dead, Rick knew how to use guns since he was a Sheriff by profession. However, other members like Carl and Michonne were the ones who learned how to use a weapon when they had absolutely no option to survive. These people also learned new skills like creating shelter, fences and camps for the safekeeping of their teammates. Similarly, you too should keep learning new skills. Knowledge is never wasted. It is definitely bound to help you in the long-term.

Focus Towards Team building

team building in businessIn Walking dead, Rick always paid immense attention towards creating a good team to survive. In the same manner, you also need to create a team that will make your life easier. A good team will accept the hits and misses together. In the worst times, your team members will be by your side and this will help you succeed. I have faced the same experience with my team and boy! They are too good. I owe them big time for their support during my difficult times. They were as helpful as Hershelle is to Rick.

The Walking Dead as a series is one hell of a thriller. It get interesting every season and will always be on the most popular TV show’s list in America. But did you ever try to think about ‘the values The Walking Dead has taught us’? Have you ever put yourself in the position of Rick and saved your team?

If there is something you have learned which is not in this list then feel free to jot down your thoughts in the comment section.

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