What is VOB file and how to open it

What is VOB file and how to open it


The VOB file is actually a Video Object file, used particularly in the form of DVD (Digital versatile  /Video Disk). It is produced under the MPEG-2 standards which means that it is effective at being streamed across computers or to computers. Nevertheless, the main purpose of using the VOB files is that they are able to produce an incredibly high output when used in a digital multimedia. See Wiki with regard to .

DVD’s are popular as to have top quality of output and the only file good at transporting high frame rate video and audio streams may be the VOB file. The VOB file is characterized with its capable handling and incredibly high file size-limit, which makes it probably the most high-output format suited to the high-output disc.

The VOB file is also characterized with the subtitles bundled, making this file provide numerous languages where the subtitles are formatted, as well as making the users not need to have separate folders or files in SRT or any other format suitable for subtitles. For this reason, all non-PC DVD players support subtitles out of the box, and may generally support them perfectly.

In contrast to the IFO or even the BUP files, the VOB file is really compatible with the MPEG-2 format,  and therefore with some particular video tools, you are able to broadcast a stream of VOB files, which means very high quality streaming available for streaming!

VOB file format come with an aspect ration of either 4:3 or even 16: 9, suitable for televisions or even computer monitors. With regard to MPEG audio, the sample is 48KHz, while for others, (usually not really used), the rates are various. Variable bit rate is usually not really used, and frame rate differs between 29.97fps per second to 24fps.

Due to its organization, the VOB files may support chapters within itself, rather than getting several files for each chapter ” generally known as “cells”. These types of files may be edited using video editing utility.

You can open VOB files using a number of utilities which are also used to view video files. If you use a Microsoft Windows operating system, such DVD players as Cyber Link Power DVD or even the bundled Windows Media Player may be able to be used to open the VOB files. You may also be able to employ Roxio Creator or VLC media player, or even SM player for opening VOB documents (It also supports FLV player).

However, if you used Linux operating system, the only utility you can use is VideoLAN VLC media player, which is quite great in open and playing these VOB files.


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