Windows 8 : How To Set Up Picture Password and PIN Logon

 Windows 8 have launched with great and superior features never seen before in any older version of Operating Systems (Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista) like Picture Password Setup, PIN Logon password, Metro Style UI. Windows 8 looks and feels are likely to be matched with Tablets. Here we are going to show you how to set up Windows 8 picture password

windows 8 picture password
These features were never seen before in any PC Operating Systems. In Windows 8, you can also login with your Windows Live Account or Local account. Simply you can say that Windows 8 have four methods of authenticating:

  1. Set up Picture Password
  2. Create a normal user account password as in earlier versions (Windows 7, XP, Vista)
  3. Set up PIN Logon Password
  4. And also login via Windows Live Account/ Local account

But in this article we can only show you how to setup Picture Password and PIN Logon.

How to Set up Picture Password?

  • Go to user setting to start setting up your picture password
  • Then open Charms Bar window and click on Settings button to control PC settings.
  • Choose users option from the left panel
  • After this you will see an option to Create a new Picture Password on right panel
  • Then you will be prompted for your user password (Fill it)
  • Now choose the picture you want to set up for the password and click Use This Picture
  • Then position the Picture according to your like and you can start to draw the pattern you want (you have to draw it 3 times to recognise the system and learn it accurately)
  • You can either draw line/circles or spot some specific location in the picture, as you wish
  • Now, once you have repeated the patterns for 3 times, windows will save your pattern and set the chosen picture to Password for next time you login to windowswindows 8 picture password

How to Set up PIN Logon?

  • Firstly, on the default Metro style home window, click on Control Panel or you can also begin with opening PC settings from Settings button in Charms Bar
  • Then select Users option from the left panel
  • Click on Create a PIN button
  • After this you will be prompted for your current Windows login user password (Fill it)
  • Lastly fill 4-digit PIN code and Conform it

Now, your PIN Logon Password is set and show you next time whenever you start your PC.
windows 8 picture password

What to do in case you Forget your Password?

You have to create a Windows 8 Password Reset Disk in advance in case of losing your Windows password in future as a strong text password is hard to keep in mind. So, you have to done it for your recovery of password in case you lost your password from your mind.
If you face any problem in setting up these upper mentioned passwords, you can leave a COMMENT here or Contact Me. We will get to you as soon as possible. Hope you liked the article.

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