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Windows Device recovery tool is a tool by Microsoft Windows and Nokia to fix the errors in Nokia Lumia phones. This tool is also called phone recovery tool, you can use this tool for your bricked Lumia smartphones, and this tool will help in software issues of the phones.

You can reset and recover your Lumia mobile phones by using the tool, this will fetch and remove the software related problems of your phone in a second and will remove the unnecessary and useless files from your Lumia phone.

You must download and use this tool if you are the user of , we already have given a download link to download Windows device recovery tool.

You need to download the tool on your Windows computer, connect your mobile phone to that computer, and install the latest version of Windows for your Nokia phone. You should remember this tool will only work on the Windows computer, not for Mac or Linux and the version of the Windows should be Windows 7 or higher than this.

There should be a space of 4GB on your mobile phone to use this tool.

You can take other advantages of this tool like if you have done something wrong with the phone, and want to fix that error, pretty simple, connect and update the firmware of your phones or update the Windows of your phone. All the issues will be fixed, and you will get a new piece of software in your hand all over again.

If you find something wrong with your phone or the phone has been stuck at one point or showing some other errors, you should use this tool to remove such issues.

Though, the use of this Windows device recovery tool will remove and erase all of your phone’s data like applications, games, call logs, contacts, photos, videos, messages and much more. So, if possible you should first make a copy of the backup of your data and then use the tool to fix the issues of your Nokia Lumia mobile phones. There is a void variety of the brands with which this tool can work, other than Nokia Lumia mobile phone. There are other mobile phones as well, which allows the use of this tool on your computer.

You know this is a freeware tool, for Windows 7 and higher version of Windows; you can use it without of any restriction.

This is the official tool, so do not be hesitant to download and use this for the Nokia Lumia mobile phones, in case of any problem. Software related issues of the phone will be solved momentarily, updating the apps, updating the Windows version to the higher version, or fixing the bugs in the software.

So, download this Windows device recovery tool offline installer on your computer, install it and start using it to fix the issues on your mobile phones. We already have given you a download link, tap the download button and get the file, hope the download link would be working.

>>> Windows Device Recovery Tool



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