WinnerGear has a wireless earbud – HERO on sale for pre-orders

If it’s one thing I’ve grown to hate while learning to run, it’s not having a good set of headphones.  Music is essential.  Having a good set of buds to listen to some tunes while I’m trying not to think about how much this running thing sucks.  And then being able to not worry about cables or wires or over the ear clips etc…

I love how I can now just pair up my headphones and run with my watch, but even then the headphones can be cumbersome.  Cheaper ones I get a lot of cutting out (which is a weird phenomenon as it only happens at like after a 10 minute mark) and good ones have a heavier headband that will bounce while I jog (I know, learn to tread lightly).

So, along comes these wireless buds.  Since the airpods, there have been a few others out there (even a Canadian company ).  Well, not to be left out, WinnerGear has also launched their .

And sure, you’re saying “not another ‘similar’ product”, but I like WinnerGear – they made some of my favourite USB cables, so I think they make some really good stuff.

Currently, the pair are up for pre-order (looking to ship in 3-5 weeks) and they run $150USD.

But, if you pre-order now, there’s like $10 off and if you use this code we’ve been given you’ll get like $50 off.

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We’ve discussed several times the need to sometimes take our online activity away from our phone (which is funny, how it wasn’t that long ago we were talking about moving our internet activities from desktop to ‘mobile’).

As much as we do a lot on the phone, there are some things we just need to sit at an actual keyboard and get some work done.  We have tablets that try to act like laptops and not quite laptops trying to act like tablets…

Let’s look at an actual laptop.  We reviewed the Vivobook recently , but that was an actual Windows laptop, and remember, we here at Android Coliseum are more focused on Android / Google related, so let’s look at the Chromebook variant of the Vivobook.

I’m calling the C423N  the Vivobook variant in Chromebook style because it also has the ‘NanoEdge’ display (slim bezels).

Running at about $500 on Newegg, let’s see how it stacks up.

Reading books is not something that’s on my favorite thing to do list, but having my Android device read it out to me really draws me in. To make things even more interesting, I’m going to show you how to try a different voice when having your device read your book for you.

Google Play Books is an amazing app for Android for reading your favorite novels. Google Play Books manages to capture a person like me who hates to sit and read books, to find my favorite titles and dedicate a little time to read. However, I recently ran into an issue where one of my books disappeared shortly after I had purchased it. No matter how many times I refreshed my library or cleared the cache, it never came back.

After doing some Google searching around and contacting Google Support, I finally found an answer and I wanted to share with you. Searching around forums and such, I realized I wasn’t alone with this issue.

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