Words of Silver Wisdom from Robert Kiyosaki – Silver Investing

Have you been thinking about buying silver? Now may be the perfect time. Although silver has been put down lately due to a 100% increase in price in the last year (overpriced or finally catching up) silver may still be a good buy after being pummeled this last month back down to only a 50% year gain of $10 per troy ounce of silver.

For those of you who read finance books you may have read or been suggested to read

by Robert Kiyosaki. A great book and if you are looking for a different frame of mind when it comes to investing I suggest checking out what he and his co-author have to say in their best selling book.

If you have and are looking for more words of wisdom from Robert than you might want to check out his column at . He writes a good article over there every couple of weeks and in May posted something about silver and what he thought of the potential to buy even though silver and gold have skyrocketed since the first of the year.

His article titled

discusses why Warren Buffets famed advice of “Walk away when everyone else is buying” might not apply yet to silver. He lists five factors he feels that make silver a good buy and why investors should think about adding some silver to their portfolios. These factors are:

1. Silver is Consumable meaning that it has uses in industry other than just ornamental.

2. It’s a precious metal used in money, real exchange.

3. The dollar is becoming more and more worthless.

4. Equities tend to move opposite of commodities, stocks are going down, commodities should go up

5. Silver can now be traded through a paper asset, the exchange traded fund SLV

These are of course just a few reasons why silver may be a good buy but silver no doubt will continued to be watched by many of the worlds top investors and we will follow as close as possible to bring you up to date news on who’s buying what.