5 Famous ENFJ Personality Types

There are many ENFJ personality types among famous people, namely political activists, talk show hosts, and those interested in humanitarian work. Though celebrities are often ridiculed for being self-centered, many ENFJ’s become famous for being loyal, compassionate people who use their fame to help others. Check out the list below to find out more about famous ENFJ’s.

1. Oprah Winfrey

According to The Atlantic, ENFJ’s are warm, compassionate, feel satisfaction from helping others, and inspire themselves and others to be their best. This definition couldn’t be more true for Oprah. She uses her fame to inspire people and to lift others up. ENFJ’s also love challenges; Oprah’s rise to fame from her humble childhood proves this. This personality type also thrives on the approval of others, so her crowds of devoted fans make Oprah feel rewarded. She also exhibits the creative side of the ENFJ personality type in her acting career.

2. Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dr. King is the perfect example of a famous ENFJ because he was genuinely concerned for others’ well-beings and he wasn’t afraid of a challenge. Like many ENFJ’s, he didn’t like approaching problems with impersonal logic and knew that appealing to people’s emotions was the only way to gain civil rights. He was so loyal and concerned for others that he gave his life for his cause. ENFJ’s value harmony, one of Dr. King’s life goals. His strong people and organizational skills are also typical of ENFJ personality types.

3. Joe Biden

Another famous ENFJ personality type is Vice President Joe Biden. He is known for being a “people person” who is not afraid to show emotion or recognize the emotions of others. Unlike many politicians, Biden always speaks as though he is talking with a close friend, which shows the honesty typical of an ENFJ.

He also acts genuine and friendly and even hugs and touches others rather than giving cold handshakes; like many ENFJ’s he does not prefer impersonal, analytical approaches to interactions. ENFJ’s love challenges, are great at organizing, need approval from others, and like solving problems. All of these traits help Biden for his work as Vice President.

4. Dr. Drew

TV psychiatrist Dr. Drew is a great example of a famous ENFJ. He uses his spot in the public eye to not only help the people on his shows, but also viewers who may be facing the same problems. Like most ENFJ’s, Drew hates discord and lives to fix people’s problems and bring them happiness. He has great people skills and his compassion, which is typical of an ENFJ, encourages people to open up to him. ENFJ personality types like Dr. Drew feel personal satisfaction from helping others and are in tune with people’s emotions, making them great therapists.

5. Bono

Singer and humanitarian Bono, of the band U2, exhibits the emotional, compassionate parts of the ENFJ personality type. He is known for his charity work and like most ENFJ’s, he feels rewarded when he is helping others. Bono’s music career shows his ENFJ traits of creativity, strong emotions, and honesty. His hands-on charity work, genuine concern for others’ well-being, and hatred for injustice are also typical of ENFJ personality types. His desire to make the world a better place and warm charm make him a great example of a famous ENFJ.

ENFJ’s are Extroverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging, making them warm, likeable leaders who really care about other people. The famous ENFJ personality types above are just some of the many celebrities who use their fame to make a difference in the world.

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