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Angry Birds Attacking Web Pages


Angry Birds ” Green pigs, chickens, castles, flying…. Most fun way to play a game(It is my favorite ;0). Actually in Angry birds, birds are a bit angry because the green pigs stole their eggs and now are hiding in their castles.

I know most of you played this game on your mobile phones or on you browsers etc.., but   has taken the game to next level. These guys at Nokia Argentina just created another version of Angry Birds in which the birds and pigs are same as the other version, but in here there are no castles, instead of castles the pigs will hide in our favorite webpage’s.


To play this on your favorite web page just drag this   link to your bookmarklet  toolbar and then click the angry birds link in the bookmarklet toolbar when you are in your favorite webpage. That’s it you can now play the brand new version of angry birds, When you are playing(use your mouse to drag and release the bird) you can see that your favorite webpage is being destroyed



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