Rubber Mulch for Playground and Landscaping

Rubber Mulch for Playground

Recycled rubber playgrounds have been revolutionizing the way individuals look at playground surfaces. Typically, park and school playgrounds are surfaced with soft particles like wooden mulch or sand; however, PermaLife now offers Pour&Play, which is a superior product for commercial use. According to a number of rubber mulch reviews, PermaLife is the best for price and quality. These reviews have highlighted that PermaLife is the most economical and safest rubber playing surface on the market.

An extensive analysis of the types and causes of playground injuries was provided by the Consumer Products Safety Commission. The analysis highlighted that over 200, 000 children are taken to hospital emergency rooms in the US with injuries linked to playground activities. As a result, park systems, municipalities and schools throughout North America use PermaLife because it provides greater peace of mind and an additional layer of safety to officials who are entrusted with the task of keeping children safe. PermaLife has found an innovative method to safeguard children against playground accidents like bruises, bumps and other serious injuries by providing cushioning for their falls.

In addition, Permalife

is a clean and colorful alternative to conventional playground surfaces, with incredible drainage features. It also has similar characteristics to sand but it is much more gentle on little knees. Unlike wooden mulch, it lasts a lot longer, retains its brilliant color and it will not stain clothing.

Manufactured from recycled tires, they use a cryogenic process that makes the rubber mulch superior to other playground surfacing products that are derived from rubber. Pretty much all other manufacturers of rubber surfaces make their playground surface from an abrasion process in which the tires are shredded, granulated and put through a process that uses magnets to take the metal wires out of the tires. The process of other manufacturers eliminate up to 99 percent of the exposed wires; however, not all the wires are removed, setting a standard that is inadequate to safeguard children against injuries. The proprietary systems of PermaLife go a step further to protect children. It is the only brand that incorporates an extra manufacturing step to provide children with an additional layer of safety while on the playground.

Rubber Mulch for Landscaping

Rubber mulch affords individuals an opportunity of spending less time maintaining their landscape and more time enjoying it. It is easy to handle and can be installed with just a household garden rake or a standard flat shovel. With wooden mulch, an application of mulch would be required once or twice per year, every single year to get the aesthetically appealing look of . As such, by the end of its first season of use, PermaLife is cost effective and allows individuals to take advantage of savings year after year. Other specific benefits include:

Among other features, rubber mulch is safe for children, durable, environmentally friendly and economical. Additionally, its vibrancy and variety of colors makes it an ideal choice for playgrounds and landscaping projects.

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