Instagram server down

For the third time the Instagram server is down. The website displays a 500 error and the app is not responding to requests. The API is also down and you cannot login through any third party services. Instagram has not yet responded to the already several thousand of requests for an explanation. We will be watching their twitter account to see what exactly is happening.

On the plus side, it’s nice to see that Instagram is using Nginx as their web server. However, it may be the cause of the problem so before you start moving all your websites from Apache to Nginx, lets see what is happening.

The image below shows the number of reports that the service is down in the last 24 hours. The number is climbing fast as the servers have been down for less than an hour now. is reporting that Instagram servers are down for everyone.

Update January 12 2015 ” Instagram is back up and running. We still haven’t seen any news as to why the website went down and I think we are likely to see anything. The service wasn’t down for very long and Instagram may just sit back and hope that not many people noticed.

Update January 27 2015 ” Twitter is letting everyone know that Instagram is down once again with the #InstagramDown hashtag. It’s not clear what has caused the major website to go down this time, but it is starting to become a trend.

Good news…MySpace is still up ..

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