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How To Download And Install Windows7 Themes


There are tons of windows7 themes available in the internet by which you can download and install windows7 themes and make your windows7 desktop look different each day, but most of the windows7 users are pretty confused or don’t know how to install and use windows7 themes. So in this post I’m going to explain how to download and install windows7 themes.

The installation process of windows7 themes is pretty much easy then you think, there is nothing technical in doing, just follow the rest of the post.

If you are windows7 starter or home basic user then you can’t install windows7 themes directly as there is no such option for these editions, But we did some good search and found a good app which will not only help you in installing W7 themes but also helps in enabling all the Aero effects. So before reading this post do read .

Microsoft officially provides some great theme collocation, So go download the theme you like by following the link below. Usually these themes contain a *.themepack extension.

Not only Microsoft but there are many other sites which are providing us with awesome window7 themes(you can google for these site


In the time I’m writing this post i was downloading Abstract Dark theme from Microsoft.

Windows7 Theme I Downloaded

If you are downloading the W7 theme from sites other them Microsoft then most probably the theme may be compressed using the software’s like winrar or zip. If you find your theme compressed then you need to extract the theme file to desktop(or other location) to use it.

Windows7 Theme file

After having your theme file on your desktop just double click it. After double clicking the theme file, it will be installed and activated automatically and will also take you to your personalize window where you can see all your themes including the theme you just installed.

Did you see that!!! Abstract Dark theme has been successfully installed.

Hope this helps to make your windows7 desktop much prettier.


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