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Which is better: A Baitcasting Reel or a Spinning Reel?

Baitcasting reels were once called open-faced reels and were known for causing terrible backlash when cast. The fisherman had to know when and how to use his thumb and how much pressure to use in order to prevent such a backlash. Modern technology has developed a type of magnet which has helped to lesson that problem today. Baitcasting reels are durable and strong and are used quite a bit in deep sea fishing for catching large fish.

What is a spinning reel?

Spinning reels are usually enclosed and have fewer problems with backlash, although it can occur. Once again, technology has improved on gear ratios and bearings in the reels to help prevent backlash. Spinning reels are generally easier to cast and so perhaps a little easier to use for beginners. Initially, these reels were used for smaller test fishing line and therefore, used to fish for smaller fish.

Which of the two reels is better?

Modern technology has changed everything about fishing line and reels. Many different kinds of fishing line is available now and depending on the size of reel, fisherman can catch large fish with a spinning reel as well as they can with a baitcasting reel. Which of the two reels is better is really a question of what the fisherman likes and is perhaps used to. It also is perhaps a question of what the fisherman is fishing for, what he is using for bait, and what the conditions are at the time. In a high wind, the heavier test line on a baitcasting reel might be better. If he is bass fishing and using a light lure, the spinning reel might be better. A good fisherman should learn to use both types of reels.


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